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Do you need a cooling pad for your laptop?

A lot of people use laptops nowadays. It is an essential part of our daily computing lives. They come in different shapes, sizes and configurations. This is designed and supposed to prevent them from overheating. Price differs but in general it does not cost much depending on the over-all cooling design.

Do we really need them? It all depends on a couple of factors. One factor is the laptop is getting old and the air circulation is not that good anymore. A quick solution to this issue is using a brush and compressed air can to blow away the accumulated dirt from the fans, vents and exhausts channels from the laptop. The cooler will just help with the air circulation it needs. Second factor is processor inside the laptop. Third is if the laptop has a dedicated graphics chip.

Most laptops are designed to handle the heat it produces, however some processors installed in them are hotter than the others. Depending on the processing power, the faster the laptop, the more it needs a good cooling system. Similar to a car engine, the bigger the engine, the more you need a better cooling system for it.

Nowadays, it is a lot different ever since gaming laptops are now out there. They have crammed all the specs of a gaming desktop into a laptop sized configuration and it definitely produces more heat.

Several factors need to be considered before getting a laptop cooler. The fan locations are critical to assist with the heat dissipation. A wire mesh base is preferred compared to a solid acrylic.

Computers and laptops are prone to overheating. However it all boils down to the design of the laptop on how it dissipates heat. Just to be on the safe side, using a laptop cooler would be a better option. Better safe than sorry.

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