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Microsoft’s Windows 10, Surface Now Comes With A Subscription Plan

Microsoft has commendable ways to cater business customers with its Windows 10 and Surface as service based on subscription

Microsoft finally plans to reap profits from the business users of its operating system, Windows 10 and Surface. Windows and Devices Group Corporate Vice President Yusuf Mehdi announced the subscriptions plans for both of these services at the Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) in Toronto.

Launched back in 2015, the company offered free upgrades to Windows 10, for individuals as well as business users, who have had Windows 7 and 8.1 installed on their devices. Continuous updates have been rolled since the first release, which brought improvements and new features to OS.

Microsoft claims that there are now more than 350 million devices that run on the latest OS. Moreover, of total company’s business users, 96% have made the shift. With the help of this OS, these businesses are already saving expenses shelled out for Security, IT, and productivity. Evidently, this is a significant number, therefore the company considered introducing a variant specifically designed for the businesses, with beefed up security.

Mr. Mehdi explains how fast the digital realm is evolving and is moving into new dimensions, loaded with data, which raises chances for security breaches. However, neither individuals nor businesses can deny the importance of digital world. In fact businesses with digital world can engage their employees and customers in more innovative ways, which add to productivity and helps pave new pathways that lead to their growth.

Microsoft is quite concerned about how different devices allow its business users connect with the digital world. Therefore it has new initiatives lined up for its business partners, who use company’s different services like Windows, Surface, HoloLens, and Surface Hub

Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise Edition

Firstly, as aforementioned, there is a dedicated variant of its OS for businesses, dubbed as Windows 10 Enterprise in CSP. Mr. Mehdi explains the severity of security-related issues across different businesses, and how this edition of OS can provide enterprise –grade security alongside added-management functionalities. Companies can subscribe for the service at “$7 a seat per month” via Microsoft’s Cloud Solution Provider program.

Microsoft has CSP partners, who offer Windows 10 Enterprise Edition, helping out companies with limited access to IT resources and staff, by managing all their needs related to IT and licensing. The CSP is a program that allows multiple companies to partner with Microsoft and with help of its integrated tools, they can manage and provide different services to their customers.

The partners now have access to what Microsoft calls a “full IT Stack,” which includes Microsoft Windows 10, Office 365, Azure, and CRM. These can be offered on per-user and per-month basis, and can be changed by each partner depending upon the requirement of their customers. There are several advantages they’ll get if they use the CSP program, like Added security, convenient licensing models, and efficient management of IT services with Windows 10.

Surface as a Service

Microsoft now lets the much-famed Surface devices to be offered as a service by all the Cloud Solution Providers, to other customers or resellers. However, the CSPs need to be authorized distributors of Microsoft as well. All the distributors and resellers can use Surface devices to create services that connect to the cloud for the “full IT stack,” which can be offered for monthly subscriptions.

Windows maker has also partnered up with two other giants, IBM and Booz Allen Hamilton, for the Surface Enterprise Initiative, which will help them cater customers based on different industries. IBM will provide assistance using its expertise in analytics, whereas Booz Allen Hamilton will help build solutions for Government and other sectors related to state.

Surface as a service clearly simplifies the purchase and usage of IT as services, instead of looking out for separate solutions through different resources. We believe this not only helps the CSPs but users as well as manage the payment methods. This will evidently help Microsoft unseat rivals who offer similar services to businesses and have a stronger market share in the industry.

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