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Microsoft Windows has accelerated its efforts to rollout Windows 10

I experienced first hand how fast Microsoft has pushed to rollout its April 1803 update. Most of my home computers have automatically updated.

Peter Bright of Ars Technica reported the news matter of factly: “The Windows 10 April 2018 Update, version 1803, is enjoying the fastest rollout of any Windows 10 major update thus far… [A]s of the 29th of the month, it’s now being used on just over half of all Windows 10 machines.”

AdDuplex reported that the April 2018 update took less than a month to reach the 50% mark of its intended rollout. Comparing it to last year’s Fall Creators Update, which took three months to reach the same 50% marker.

Right about now, most Windows 10 computers are running at least one of the last two latest windows 10 updates.

Version 1803 is still a success, although it is not perfect and had its fair share of bad publicity due to BSOD issues for the last 2 months. Other issues including Intel and Toshiba SSD’s, Avast Antivirus installs have now been fixed.


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