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It seems that though microsoft is saying Windows 10 is a free upgrade, looks like they are doing a strong-arm upgrade tactic.

A record breaking number of people were lured to upgrade to Windows 10 when it initially launched. But now, people upgrading their computers the new operating system has slowed down. They were targetting to shift 1 billion users to Windows 10 by July 2018 by bringing out the big guns.

Microsoft’s latest move weilded a big stick last week, when it declared that buyers of Intel’s new Skylake processors have to upgrade to windows 10 in the next 18 months. They have said that there will be a risk or compatibility issue similar to Windows 7 and 8 including non-Skylake systems. Newer processors from Intel, AMD, Qualcomm will only be supported by Windows 10 as per their earlier announcement.

The move was unexpected, and hit without a warning. Skylake processors are being sold in the market for a few months now and they will be obligated to upgrade to Windows 10 because of Microsoft’s long-term support for Windows has never been explicitly tied to specific CPU platforms until now. To guarantee that new hardware is backward compatible, they definitely have to invest time and resources, hardware and software are now intertwined, and aggressively forcing users and businesses to upgrage to their new version even before the end of the operating systems’s stated support cycle. This is an unprecedented move in the Windows world.

Although you are not using a computer running of Skylake, Microsoft tactics are very much similar to malware-like tactics to trick computer users running Windows 7 and 8 into installing Windows 10.


It all begins when they have pushed the said upgrade message via the Windows Update, wherein all Windows 7 and 8 users will see it. Basically it is an executable file we can call GWX. The GWX program actually predates Windows 10 itself, becuase prior to release of Windows 10, they have used it to encourage early users to “pre-order” the operating system and get a first try before the actual rollout and release. A few months passed by and again, the adaptations slows down once more, hence the GWX more aggressive and annoying pop-ups.It has quickly evolved to almost into a near full-screen pop-up which prompts you to upgrade.

Now, what we see GWX do to your computers are very in your face. You will see it as a pop-up similar to a malware which only shows you 2 options “Upgrade now,” or “Start download, upgrade later.”. This scheme is not just annoying but rather alarming because they are employing malware like tactics to trick you to upgrade.

There isn’t any “No thanks, I don’t want to download Windows 10” option to click. The only way to refuse Microsoft’s offer is to click the X in the upper-right corner of the (unprompted!) pop-up to shut it. And some people aren’t even seeing the “Upgrade later” option.

Their design is malware-like although it is not. This is definitely snowballing in the months to come, and we will be expecting that it will be pushed through as a Recommended Update via the Windows Update.

Microsoft plans to push through the initial Windows 10 installation as a Recommended update sometime in 2016. Windows 10 will automatically download itself onto any computer that has Windows Update configured to install Recommended updates by default.

That is plainly shoving it up your throat. Similarly aggressive as restricting new processors to Windows 10 functionality only. Last year, computer users were irked when Microsoft’s back end caused some PC users to upgrade to Windows 10 automatically. A PCWorld reader complained that her monthly data plan was almost used up in just mere days. Imagine 6GB worth of data was downloaded onto the computer for the Windows 10 initial installation files for Windows 7 and 8 users.

Fortunately, when Microsoft flips the switch and pushes Windows 10 through as a Recommended update, Windows 8.1 PCs won’t automatically download updates over a metered connection.

The company says you’ll be able to opt out of the upgrade even after Windows 10’s installed to your PC, but smart money’s betting the prompt will use the same weasel words as the GWX pop-up.

Look at the bright side. There are reasons for you to love Windows 10. First of all, it has blended the best of Windows 7 and 8. New features like virtual desktops, the Action Center for notifications, and DirectX 12.

You cannot please everybody. Not everyone is ecstatic to upgrade to Windows 10. Some people are still looking for the Windows Media Center, some are worried about privacy because there might be a deeper sense of connectivity to get into your personal data. And most of all, people are afraid of a free “operating system as a service” but keeps on bugging you with ads, upsells, and subscription services.

Microsoft has invested a lot on Windows 10. Hence, they would like to spread it far and wide for them to actually make a profit. In this era where Macs overtook Windows sales for the first time ever, and Linux-based steam machines are becoming a big threat. It would be a very good idea to keep their hands away from the happy and contented users of Windows 7 and Windows 8 for the meantime.

It is hard to imagine that they are planning to abandon legacy support for software and hardware. On top of that, they are shoving it down people’s throats via the forced malwalre-like tactics. They might be on the verge of angering their loyal users and might end up switching OS to Linux. This move might end up Microsoft’s reputation and consistency down the drain.

What are your thoughts about Microsoft’s tactics?

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