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Microsoft Windows 10 October Update version 1809 still has bugs and quirks affecting Windows Media Player

In the earlier stages of its release, Microsoft had to pull the plug temporarily due to its critical file-deleting bugs. Yes…bugs 2 to be exact. It was later on re-released in the middle of November, however This default apps bug is still there wherein you cannot change some of the default file types. Another hit and miss bug was affecting Intel HD graphics drivers losing their sound. iCloud syncing is also another one on this list of issues. And to top it off, Windows Media Player in the latest cumulative update.

When will this bug list end? Imagine this: after installing this update, users may not be able to use the Seek Bar in Windows Media Player when playing specific files. Microsoft was making progress, albeit rather slowly, we would expect resolution some time in the near future.

This Media Player hubaloo is not new. For older computer users, we are able to recall of the time when your Windows 10 computer keeps on urging you to use “Movies & TV” instead of Windows Media Player” when opening up media files. Apart from the time back in 2017 when Microsoft said that they accidentally removed Windows Media Player from Windows 10. Is this an attempt to slowly kick Windows Media Player to the curb?

No wonder people are using alternatives like VLC, GOM, MediaMonkey, DivX Player, Kodi and many more. Personally, I prefer using VLC since it is easy to use.

Regardless how many features, updates, upgrades and developments have been done on Windows 10, it should still maintain its core systems stable and functional. Writing new code should never take a toll on its basic function and Microsoft should learn to gently steer a clear path away from the working components. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

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