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Microsoft Windows 10 Build 1709 is being forced onto users computers

Microsoft is at it again. Remember the last time Microsoft did the nag screen forcing people to update to Windows 10? It just happened to me today. Today is a bit different. There were no nag screens but when I got back, my computer got updated to Windows 10 build 1709.

How annoying is that? It is like they are forcing it down on us again. It might be because of security updates that their older builds are vulnerable to.

Computer users were pushed into upgrading to Windows 10. Shortly after, there was this a forced updated into the Anniversary update. Shortly after that was the Fall Creators update, and now here it is again with the Spring Creators Update in the works.

So here I was, using the Windows 10 Creators Updates build 1703 and opted out of their data collection terms when it was being installed a few months ago. In order to get the most recent security patches, it kinda forced my computer to get the Build 1709.

People may think that these are incremental updates, compared to if you are using windows 7 and forced to jump to windows 10 then we can call that ‘Windows-as-a-Service’.

Most annoying thing about it is that there were no warnings whatsoever! It just jump-started itself.

The older builds does not mean it is the end-of-life for the version a person is using so it should not difficult to get updates for build 1703 but no, they wanted us to have 1709 before you get the security patches and or updates.

We can keep using the older version like build 1703, provided that you do not update anything. And for you guys out there that turned off windows update on their computers? Guess what? It is happening anyway. Surprised? So was I, it bypasses your Windows Update settings.

I opted not to update but this happened all of a sudden. My main reason for choosing not to do it is simple. Updates sometimes put a lot of new workload on the computer. Accumulated smaller updates would sum up to a larger volume and in some cases will make some software drivers not work anymore. I wished it never happened but it did.

On the business side however is a different ball game altogether. They would rather not have any updates or rolling out updates. It could hinder, slow down or cripple operations if the updates run at the same time during business hours with no apparent rhyme or reason.

They may think that what they are giving you is all out of kindness and generosity but in fact it is a bottle neck for businesses.

This is one of the primary reasons why there are still a lot of Windows 7 users out there. And I can’t blame them, it still works well with what they need running on the machine. Together with how their want their machine functioning; thus giving them the drivers seat on how they would use their computers. If my computing needs were just plain and simple, I would opt to use Windows 10 like the rest of the world who never upgraded to windows 10 in the first place.



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