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Microsoft Support of Windows XP to End this April 2014

The past 12 years has seen Microsoft Office provide support for Windows XP but now, that time is nearing its end. After April 8, 2014, all technical assistance for said operating system will cease, including the automatic updates that help protect your PCs.

Microsoft will also stop download provision of Microsoft Security Essentials which on the same date. This means if you have it installed, you will still continue to get signature updates of antimalware but only for a limited time. And such receipt of updates don’t necessarily mean that your PC would still be secure because Microsoft wouldn’t be providing security updates for your PC’s protection anymore.

Continued use of Windows XP even after support ends would have your desktop still working of course; however, it’s now vulnerable to the risk of harmful virus infection which can gain access to your personal information.

Additionally, both manufacturers of software and hardware would focus efforts on optimization for more recent Window versions so it’s inevitable that there would now be more and more apps and devices that would no longer work with Windows XP.

If you are unsure of what version of Windows operation system you have, click on this helpful link from Microsoft:

How to Stay Protected

If for any reason you couldn’t upgrade to the latest versions of Windows yet, there are 2 ways to stay protected:

1. Upgrade your PC

As only a minimal number of older PCs can run with Windows 8.1 (the latest version of Windows), it would be wise to download and run the Windows Upgrade Assistant to you can check if your PC comes up to Windows 8.1’s system requirements. If your PC is able to do so, follow the steps in the tutorial.

2. Get a New PC

If your PC can’t run with Windows 8.1, then it’s about time you buy a new one. Go for something lightweight, stylish (which doesn’t hurt) and more powerful than your old one. There are some brands out there that have all these qualities but comes at an eco-friendly price.

How to Move all Windows XP files to a New PC?

Use Laplink, which is a free data migration solution that will teach you all steps in getting your settings, files and user profiles transferred from Windows XP Pc to your new Windows whether you have a desktop, laptop or tablet. Note that migration can only be done on a PC running Windows 7 or 8.1.

What do you get with Microsoft Windows 8.1?

With a new task manager and streamlined file management, the desktop you’ve always had with the past Windows operating systems is made even better. Plus, you can now go from your desktop back to your start screen with just a click or tap.

Microsoft Support of Windows XP to End this April 2014 - Pheonix AZ

1. Programs – You would still have Word, Excel, Powerpoint and other programs you’re familiar with so use them like you normally would, but you can now employ the mouse and keyboard to organize your files in folders on your desktop.

2. Mouse and Keyboard – Use your mouse and keyboard to work on your Windows desktop as you normally do. The additional perk though is the things you can do with a mere touch of the screen can now be done with your mouse and keyboard. Use it to get around on your start screen.

3. Security – With Windows Defender and Windows SmartScreen, your PC is protected from virus and other malware infections in real time.

More Personal Features

Microsoft Support of Windows XP to End this April 2014 - Pheonix AZ

1. Start Screen

What’s great about Windows 8.1 is you can put all the things that you love in your Start screen. From pictures, news from friends to sites and apps, you have complete control. Choose which color suits your mood or personality and move things around until your start screen is just the way you like it.

2. Tiles

All your favorite people, sites and apps are organized into tiles. You can resize make each tile move around to organize them according to your preference. Some tiles can do animation with the latest information so updates can be conveniently seen at a glance.

3. Personal Lock Screen

This feature is something most people love. Your lock screen can display a slideshow of your favorite pictures. Nothing gets more personal than that! Plus, answer skype calls and take photos even before you unlock your Pc or laptop.

4. Picture Password

Gone are the days of typing a password. Now, you can unlock your PC or laptop by simply drawing shapes on a picture using your mouse or fingers. Do it however you like: tracing your daughter’s smile or clicking your labrador’s nose thrice. You have complete control.

And these are just tips of the iceberg. There’s definitely a lot more that you can do with the new Windows 8.1. Basically, the new operating system gives you the opportunity to see and do more, enabling you to work the way you want and flow smoothly from one task to another.

If you need help in installing the said operating system, upgrading your PC or transferring your files from Windows XP to Windows 7 or 8.1, we, at Compushooter, are certainly here to help. Just dial 480-464-0202 and let our efficient technicians do the job for you. All you have to do is sit back, wait and soon, you’ll be enjoying what great things you can do with Windows 8.1!

Compushooter provides computer repair, support and IT services in all of Arizona specifically in Phoenix and Scottsdale metro areas. Other services include call center and VoIP solutions as well as installation of surveillance cameras both at home and in offices.


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