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Microsoft Skype is about to Offer Call Recording Feature soon

Along with the new call record feature, Skype will also allow live-streaming a call on your YouTube channel or twitch stream allowing the users to customize the look and feel of the call.

There has been a few tools in the market that records Skype calls. But now, Microsoft is currently working on a call recording feature that would also integrate third party apps like Xplit, Wirecast and Vmix. It would be nice for Windows and Mac users to be able to record calls if they switch their desktop Skype client over to what is called “Content Creator” mode. It is supposed to place, record, import and edit recording apps using Adobe Premier Pro and Adobe Audition.

When this happens, users can choose how they would want to record their calls by using their third-party software. Besides the call recording feature, Skype will also allow you to live-stream your call to YouTube or Twitch stream and be able to customize the look and feel of the recorded/streamed call.

As per Skype, it can be customized to look differently to the look and feel they need for their live show or streaming that would fit to their audience.

Skype is going to debut the new recording integration next week at the NAB show in Las Vegas. “There’s no need for additional recording or screen capture solutions. Skype will provide clean feeds of all group video call participants to your choice of NDI-enabled software”.



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