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Microsoft Pays $10000 For Forcing A User to Upgrade to Windows 10

A travel agent won $10000 in a case against Microsoft as Windows 10 crashed her computer and made her lose business

Microsoft recently cost itself $10000 for a forceful Windows 10 upgrade on a travel agent’s computer, reported Seattle Times. This woman is a Californian resident who took the tech-giant to court and appealed compensation for the damage caused to her computer and the business, and the court ruled in her favor.

Since the launch of Window 10, Microsoft has been unceasingly sending out push notifications to Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users for free upgrade to the latest variant of the OS. Although, there is an option to deny the notification, and stop automatic upgrades, the company apparently has been using malware-esque tactics, which tricks the users in upgrading to the latest OS.

Unquestionably, Windows 10 packs in a lot of major and minor improvements alongside new features, which add to productivity and makes it one of the best OS by Microsoft. That said, some users prefer sticking to older variants of the OS only.

Teri Goldstein’s, the travel agent who sued Microsoft, was one such user, but her system downloaded the update files for Windows 10 automatically, without her consent. Once, files were downloaded and the OS was installed, she explained how her PC started lagging, even crashed multiple times and eventually was “unusable for days.” Moreover, when Goldstein reached out for customer support, she was not properly assisted or provided with a fix, and decided to take matters to court.

The Windows-maker appealed against the first decision but later on dropped it, as it did not want to add litigation related costs, according to the publication. This pointed out that company to some extent accepts its mistake of flooding the users with the promotion of their new OS and installing it automatically on their PC.

The company may well have good intentions for all the upgrade notifications, as it wants users to have access to all the latest features and improvements of the OS for free. That said, there is a limit, which should be considered and users should not be constantly pushed to make the upgrade. Such upgrades call for multiple layers of confirmations, before automatic upgrades.

This might be a minor bump in the success of Windows 10, but by-and-large the company has succeeded with its free upgrade strategy. According to netmarketshare, the adaption rate suggests that in the last few months the market share of Windows 10 has increased from 13 to 18%. The share of Windows 7 has gone down from 52 to 48%, which proves that users have actually made the shift.
Moreover, users who are still being annoyed by notifications, should not worry as July 29 will be the last date for free upgrade offer. Those avoiding the update as mere procrastination, have just one more month to upgrade to Windows 10.



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