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Microsoft: Only the Latest Version of Windows Will Support New CPU Generations

Latest news from Microsoft explaining how their operating system will support future processors.

Microsoft stated that computers built with the Skylake chip, and newer architectures will require the latest version of windows. Although this is not immediate, Windows 7 and i.1 will be supported on older chips until their scheduled end-of-life support in 2020 and 2023 respectively. They have an 18 month target date wherein which they will be supporting the skylake processor. Once which, only the latest version of windows will support integration between the OS and the new CPU features. According to them as an example, “Windows 10 will be the only supported platform that will run on Intel’s ‘Kaby Lake’ silicon, Qualcomm’s ‘8996’ and AMD’s upcoming ‘Bristol Ridge’ silicon.” They noted that the support for the new systems, it will “ensure all drivers will be on windows update with published BIOS/UEFI upgrading tools.” As per their article “Putting BIOS/EUFI updates into the windows 10 auto/forced-update system may open Microsoft to paying $600-$1000+ to replace broken laptops. If Windows tries to update BIOS/UEFI at a bad/risky time (like during power instability in a big storm), it could lead to an update loop or worse.”

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