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Microsoft Windows 10 Offer to Pirates Phoenix AZ

Microsoft takes back its recent statement that even those who own counterfeit copies of both Windows 7 and 8.1 would be given a free Windows 10 upgrade this summer.

According to the post of Windows Head Terry Myerson in his blog, their free Windows 10 upgrade does not include to devices that do not have genuine Windows or those with illegitimate licenses.

Myerson’s latest post supersedes that of what Reuters reported that pirated copies will be given a free upgrade last March. At that time, a company spokeswoman stated in her email, dated March 18, to Computerworld that she can confirm Myerson’s announcement that Microsoft will be updating all genuine and non-genuine PCs, so long as they are qualified, to Windows 10.

Few hours after this report was given, Microsoft clarified the said report stating that pirates could still upgrade to Windows 10; however, this will not, in any way, alter the genuine state of its OS license. If a computer is not genuine prior to upgrade, so it shall remain to be even after upgrade.



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