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Microsoft may be saying goodbye to Microsoft Paint

Since 1985, the beginning of Microsoft Windows 1.0, the program has been featured in every software to date. However, it has now appeared in the list of deprecated features for future software releases.

The program provides an easy to use tool that lets users crop and resuze images, as well as create simple drawings and doodles. Despite its limited features, it cannot be used to make complicated photo editing or designs.

Paint is still widely used by a lot of people for its basic functions.

Among others that will be removed with the windows 10 update include Outlook Express, the Microsoft Reader app and Reading list, a bookmarking service and will be integrated with Microsoft Edge Browser.

It does not necessarily mean that Paint will be gone forever. Last October, Microsoft has revealed Paint 3D which is a revamped spinoff that allows users to create 3D images.

How do you feel about retiring Microsoft Paint?

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