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Microsoft Issues Windows 10 Upgrade Warning to users

We all know that there are problems that arise when your computer downloads upgrades. Microsoft has warned consumers that there might be another one users might be facing since it will be consuming more of your computers’ resources to do so.

In their latest blog post, Microsoft program manager Jesse Rajwan confirmed that the company is taking measures to ensure Windows 10 computers will always be able to upgrade automatically.

They are introducing the concept of ‘Reserved Storage’ with Windows 10 Build 1903. It will consume a chunk of storage from your hard drive which unfortunately cannot be removed from the Operating System. According to them, this will ensure that your computer can receive the latest upgrade.

As per their calculations, the amount of storage space that will be taken away from your hard drive is approximately 7GB. Rajwan said that “This will enable most PCs to download and install an update without having to free up any of your disk space, even when you have minimal free disk space.”

This concept should be good news, however, Windows 10 is notorious for messing up from time to time.

This does not justify how ‘Reserved Storage’ will help out users. Newer computer systems are sure to have more than enough storage space. On the other hand, older, slower computers that have very limited space would not be simply be able to give up 7GB and those most cautious about giving Windows 10 new ways to update itself whenever it wants might not want it.

Microsoft stated that they plan to initially apply this ‘Reserved Storage’ to new PC’s which ship with Windows 10 1903 or later.

Be fairly warned, Microsoft is repeatedly replying to user questions with “At this time” which suggests a wider roll-out of Reserved Storage is coming.

It would be appealing to users if the way Windows 10 updates is stable in its implementations without minimal hassle during the transition. Microsoft is still facing Software Quality Issues for the last few updates they have rolled out and users are wary what is to come next. Windows 10 upgrades caused serious problems in January, April, October and November and who knows what would be next.

This will make windows updates harder to stop or avoid from getting installed from your computer system.

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