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Manually Removing a Computer Virus

Computer viruses can be annoying specially if it keeps on popping several browser windows preventing you do anything, slows down the computer making you wait minutes just to open a document. Problems like this are usually easy to fix during day time as there are support technicians just a phone call away. But what would you do if its night time and you have a dead line in a couple of hours?

Its always best if your are always ready whenever a time like this ever happens. Here are a few tips that are handy when trying to remove a computer virus without any help from a paid computer technician.

Backup – create at least two copies of your files. Lock one copy into a CDROM and use the other to restore the files. If in case the backup gets corrupted or gets infected, you will still be able to restore all your files with the backup of your backup. If you have antivirus running yet you still got infected disable them and free up more CPU resources. If possible, execute all available options below at safe mode.

System Restore – If you are using Windows, the most easiest fix is to run system restore. While it is not a guarantee, some virus infected computers may be fixed. System Restore is located at:

Control Panel, Backup and Restore icon.

Application Fixes – These programs are available for download from various security companies which can be run immediately without ever going to any setup. They generally improve your computer’s performance and allows you to isolate any left viruses that were not detected. Since these are tiny applications they are designed for portability which may require multiple versions to be run in order to eliminated after the program execution. Here are some programs for immediate virus fix:
Microsoft Security Scanner
Combo Fix
Norton Security Check 

Registry Editor – While some of the Application fix maybe able to remove a virus from staying resident, others may be able to attach itself to the boot process and loads itself after a PC reboot. When this happens the virus is loaded back into the memory leaving it free to do damage all over again. Registry edit is for advanced users only, do not attempt to change any part of the registry if you do not know what you are doing, i would advise to use MSCONFIG instead. To remove auto loading programs during computer reboot, you may uncheck them at MSCONFIG application located at

Start -> Run -> Type in MSCONFIG -> Startup Tab -> Uncheck any suspicious application.

If MSCONFIG is not available on your Windows version, you could manually edit them at the registry editor located at

Start -> Run -> Type in regedit -> then navigate to


and remove any suspicious item in its entry.

And, somehow if all else fails, you can always call us at 480 217 9482 for an immediate fix.

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