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Management Tips for Call Center Agents to be Productive – Phoenix AZ

Having a positive work environment is essential for call center agents to effectively perform their tasks and responsibilities Along with this comes the management’s role to ensure that such an ideal atmosphere would be provided. Being proactive and understanding can really contribute much to motivating agents be productive. Check out these tips on how to do so.

First up, recruit people who have both skills and motivation. More often than not, what’s given attention are the applicant’s skills while the motivation factor is overlooked. Keep in mind that having an employee who values work would surely be dedicated and committed to doing his duties. Remember too that while skills can be learned, motivation is implicit.

Next, the management team should be clear of what they expect from their call center agents from the moment they are employed. Discuss what’s the perks and rewards in store for them if they meet and surpass such expectations and what awaits if ever they wouldn’t be able to do so. This is not to scare your agents. This is to make everything clear between both parties so that there will be a clear line of one’s tasks and responsibilities. A contract, which states all terms of agreement, should always be prepared and duly signed by both the employer or HR representative and employee.

Management Tips for Call Center Agents to be Productive - Phoenix AZTraining is very crucial. Your call center agents are your front liners; therefore, how they handle each call would determine how successful your BPO operations would be. The key to having a good training program should be centered on how specific tasks are done, to be discussed inside training rooms, followed by letting these agents have an on-the-job first hand experience so that both learning and application would happen simultaneously.

To make call center agents aware of how well or not they are performing, feedback is necessary. It is therefore, very essential in your employees’ development. Moreover, feedback tells agents that their efforts to do well in their tasks are both noticed and appreciated. Remember though to give constructive feedback at all times to refrain from lowering an agent’s morale.

Now, as communication is a two way process, management team also has to undergo evaluation as to how well they are doing their roles in the company; hence, they need to ask feedback from their call center agents too. With this, you, as part of the management team, would be aware of how your employees find your performance and if the whole office is a condusive environment where they can learn and do better in their craft. Don’t take any negative comments personally but take them seriously so that you and the whole management team can work on improving things that may have been overlooked.

With all the issues a call center agent faces from irate calls, technical problems and high accountability for dissatisfied callers everyday, the whole atmosphere can be intimidating and yes, downright scary. Watch out for employees who are showing signs of fear and discouragement as this hinders one from doing his best. If not given assurance, this agent would resign and really, would you want this to happen? Certainly not right? So set up unbiased policies that would ensure agents that accountability works in two ways: They are accountable for performing their best in tasks and duties and management is accountable for an agent’s contribution to the company’s success.

As part of the management team, you need to ensure that you would have your employees’ respect. As the saying goes, this isn’t given or bought but earned. So one way of earning this respect is literally living the values the company goes by and setting a good example for such. You can show them how to handle certain scenarios too. For instance, if you see a call center agent raising her hand to make you aware that she is in a dilemma, it would be helpful if you could show her to how to pacify the irate caller. This act would go a long way in encouraging the agent as it would show that management is willing to help and share tips on how to handle and do the job all the more effectively.Management Tips for Call Center Agents to be Productive - Phoenix AZ

Indeed, being a call center agent brings everyday endeavors that can be downright demotivating so it’s important for management to show them that they are doing their part to improving the situation too. Building an atmosphere that banks on what is positive are sure to boost the morale of your agents, who may be so stressed and down after a whole day of facing irate calls or never ending technical issues from customers.

If you are a company needing of call center agents to handle your business operations, we, at Compushooter, can certainly help you in outsourcing the necessary employees as well as providing the whole set-up. Much like the kind of management team that is discussed here, we believe in taking a proactive role in ensuring that our agents have the condusive atmosphere and proper motivation to perform tasks to the best of their ability. Call us today at 480-464-0202!





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