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Malwarebytes acquires AdwCleaner

Malware has always been around and evolving. It has been more and more aggressive over the years.

Because of the rise in malware threats, Malwarebytes acquired AdwCleaner.

For those of you who are not aware of AdwCleaner, it is a product that is used to remove adware, browser hijackers, bloatware, potentially unwanted programs and so much more. It is know worldwide and has been frequently downloaded across the world with a major released version this 2016.

Due to the acquisition, the 2 if the founders of AdwCleaner namely Jérôme Boursier and Corentin Chepeau will join Malwarebytes in engineering and research roles.

For now, their focus is enhancing its detection abilities and the interface. In the long run, they hope to learn from the AdwCleaner technology and integrate it with their main product which is Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. According to them, AdwCleaner will remain free as a standalone product.

As far as numbers go, both business and consumers download the software more than 200,000 per day. It is a highly sought after product due to its effectiveness against bloatware, adware, potentially unwanted programs and much more.

You can download the tool for free click here.

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