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JUST IN: Webroot Antivirus flags Windows files as malware

It is a bad day for anyone using Webroot Antivirus.

Webroot Antivirus seems to be flagging legitimate windows files as malicious and some credible websites as phishing sites. Among the sites reported was Facebook, Bloomberg and others.

This incident came about when a malware signature update was introduced by the company on Monday which had triggered the software to flag Windows system files as malware causing millions of computers to malfunction.

Webroot Antivirus began falsely marking legitimate files as W32.Trojan.Gen, which is a generic term for common malware; thus causing critical system files to be quarantined and unavailable to Windows.

A lot of people have complained about it on their website’s thread and some even posted it on Twitter.

These tweets confirmed that a lot of legitimate and credible websites such as Facebook and Bloomberg were reported as phishing sites; which in turn prevented users from accessing those pages.

Security commentator SwiftOnSecurity tweeted that the Webroot issue was only live for 13 minutes, but the company’s efforts to re-mediate the problem were getting stalled due to the sheer volume of clients requiring a fix.

Approximately 30 million users are subscribed to the said antivirus. There have been suggested fixes for the Home Edition and Business Edition users of the software. However, the company has no concrete solution as of this writing to offer the entire affected user base.

The issue was confirmed by a spokesperson from Webroot, and have said that they are in the process of creating a fix but have not stated a time frame of its release.

IT personnel all around the world would be busy with mitigation and prompt restoration of the affected machines. Definitely a sad day for the IT community, because instead of feeling secure, people felt that their security got compromised. It might be a coding or programming error, but definitely a bad experience altogether.

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