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JUST IN: Can’t print from Google Chrome

We have received calls from users complaining that Google Chrome has issues printing directly from the program. All of a sudden, almost all affected users have reported to have suddenly lost the ability to print directly from Google Chrome although they have been doing it for a long time already. The most common symptom is that users have reported seeing the Aw-Snap! error when they try printing or doing the print sequence they normally did before.

If you are one of the users having this issue, we have found a workaround for you.

Instead of printing directly, you can press the Ctrl + Shift + P combination keys. The said combination keys or shortcut might just help you get around the issue for the meantime until Google Chrome releases a fix. Take note that this is not a permanent fix. This method is just a workaround to get you to print and does not fix the underlying issue that caused it not to work in the first place.

If this method does not work for you, contact your IT person for further assistance since there are more steps and other solutions they can do to try to fix it for you.

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