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Judy Malware Might have hit 36.5 Million Android Users

Obsolete Windows systems have been targeted recently. Now there is a new threat that has emerged on Google’s Play Store.

The new malware has been dubbed “Judy” and has been found on more than 41 Google Play Store Apps. It has been estimated to have infected approximately 36.5 Million Google Play Store users.

This threat was discovered by Security Research firm ‘Check Point’ and has informed Google of the said issue. After being informed of the issue, Google has started removing the infected apps from their Play Store, but the drawback is that the malware may have affected and reached more than 4.5 Million downloads as of now.

As per a blog posted by Check Point, Judy Malware has evaded Google’s security checks since more than a year as it was found on Apps dating back to April 2016.

“The malicious apps reached an astonishing spread between 4.5 million and 18.5 million downloads. Some of the apps we discovered resided on Google Play for several years, but all were recently updated” reads the blog.

Judy Malware is believed to have been created by a South Korean firm named Kiniwini. Essentially an ‘auto-clicking adware’, the malware is aimed at making money for the developers by auto-clicking on ads through the infected devices.

As per the researchers, Kiniwini uses the name ENISTUDIO corp on the Google play Store.

The Malware spread comes as a direct threat to Google’s reputation as the malware has been able to operate on its Google Play Store undetected, for more than a year.

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