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Internet scams we’re still falling for in 2018 (Part 3)

7. Soulmate Scam

Romance based scams have been around for a long time. Internet based relationships are now common. People on dating sites get duped all the time. This is common when people think they have found the one but it is just a ploy to get you hook, line and sinker.

The supposed love of your life is not real but just a made up profile to lure you. He or she will make you feel perfect but there would always be something the love of your life would need.

The simplest way they scam you for your money is by asking for money to buy ticket to come see you but she will never come. On other occasions, he/she would also ask for rent money.

So when you expect your loved one to arrive, you will just end up to be broken-hearted and scammed out of your hard earned money.


8. The “infection detected” tech scam

A very common scam has something to do with tech support. Most common perpetrators are people from Indian Call-Centers.

Every now and then, computer users get pop-ups claiming their computers are infected. The link encourages you to click a link to scan your computer for infections, however, the link opened would always show that you are infected. A fake scan would definitely make you think you are.

For a fee of course, a remote company will offer you to clean your computer. But in fact, there is nothing wrong with your computer to begin with. You should not call the number flashing on your screen, just simply quit your browser and you will be fine.

Some people fall for the scam and spend a lot of money and not get anything done on their computer. Worst case scenario, computer would end up being wiped out and rebuilt by a computer service professional. Of course there was nothing wrong to begin with.


9. Charity Scams

Calamities, disasters and natural Acts of God happens all the time. Scammers capitalize on these emotions that people are feeling during these times. Grateful and concerned people fall who want to help fall victim to these scams.

In the aftermath of a disaster, emails are sent out seeking for money to help victims. However, do not click the email if you plan to help. Whatever amount you try to donate using this link will just go to the scammers.

Instead, go to the website of the charity of your choice and contribute there instead. During these times, you need to make sure you double-check the legitimacy of the link before donating.

This scam is not new at all, and is not surprising. The internet is just the latest avenue the scammers use to become anonymous and exploit human nature at its basics.

Be paranoid sometimes even if it is for a good cause.


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