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Internet Explorer End-Of-Life

Internet Explorer is now retired after 27 years. Microsoft switched its efforts over in favor of Microsoft Edge and withdrawn support for IE. This basically ends a browser ear once and for all after Microsoft moved away from the Internet Explorer branding when windows 10 was released way back 2015.

Regular consumers usage of the said browser and has plummeted in recent years. Market share went down drastically. It is pretty obvious that Microsoft has been trying to stop people from user IE for years now. They labeled it a “compatibility solution” rather than a browser that businesses should actively be using.

Microsoft started rolling out messages prompting people who use Internet Explorer to switch over to Microsoft Edge instead. According to future updates IE will be permanently disabled.

Chromium-based Microsoft Edge is now the default browser on Windows 11. Although the MSHTML engine that powered IE is still part of Windows 11. Only way it can be accessed is for IE mode to be turned on inside Microsoft Edge settings. It has been said that support of IE mode would still exist until 2029.

Businesses have largely moved to Edge’s IE mode for web apps and sites that are so old they still require Internet Explorer.

Are you aware that this IE mode for Edge was created way back 2019. It even supports ActiveX controls that a kit if legacy websites are actually running.

It would come as a surprise to some businesses, they are the ones that do not have the capability to fully remove its use within their company in time. As a very good example, government agencies and financial institutions in Japan have been slow to respond to the IE retirement. Interestingly enough, the website for Japan Pension Service must still be viewed in Edge’s IE mode.

Businesses are still using IE worldwide. For years, Microsoft has been warning about Internet Explorer to be retired. Yet still, they are still carefully displaying prompts and redirects until the browser has been completely removed in the months to come.

It would not be an issue with Windows 11 users since this windows release does not even have an accessible version of IE. This is a first for more than 20 years that is has not been included with a Windows OS.

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