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How to Update Your Windows OS Phoenix AZ

Most PC users are well aware of the fact that’s it’s vital to keep softwares updated. It becomes even more important when the operating itself needs updates. There are some of these that you ought to look out for especially if such updates are critical and may actually leave your system crippled if you don’t do the update.

This article shares five useful tips on how to your windows operating system update. As you read on though, you might ask why it’s not the usual methods like you always do. Well, that’s because these suggested tips also serve as alternative options for the following:

  • Users who are updating their OPS by formatting their hard disk and reinstalling windows frequently.
  • Users who are maintaining multiple PCs and want them updated quickly.
  • Users who are living somewhere in the world with poor internet connectivity.
  • Users with capped internet data
  • Users who want to update their system without having to connect to the internet.

That said, here are the tips:

1. Autopatcher

This application holds a compilation of updates, registry tweaks and common apps that can be integrated to your system with lesser stress. Just go to the Autopatcher website, download the application and choose with updates, tweaks and updates you want to install in your system. That’s basically. You can then leave the app and let it do its magic while you go have some coffee or attend to some other tasks. This is available for computers having Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Office and Vista.

2. Project Dakota

How to Update Your Windows OS Phoenix AZ

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Another update that makes updates even more a breeze, Project Dakota enables you to set your preferred updates once and then reuse them on any computer without limits. One catch though is this is available only to Windows XP only; however, it does allow you to download an ISO file and burn or use it any way you wish. New versions are released every month.

3. Offline Update

Using this method allows you to still update your files even when offline; however, there is a quite difference as you need to first download a 1 MB file, choose from available options then click start; which will in turn, download files as per your chosen attributes. Supporting a number of languages and service packs, it’s the ideal option to go for if you want updates that that are in the English language. It supports Windows XP, Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Office XP, Office 2000, 2003 and 2007.

4. Windows Update Downloader

Also known as WUD, this enables downloading of all present Windows Updates with the use of a simple interface. For updates downloading though, you need to add what is termed as Update Lists. You can avail of these from the site and choose the update list for the OS or software you would wish to update. It likewise has a proxy and authentication built-in option.

5. The Usual Known Way

The traditional method of updating Windows is already tried and well, accepted by some.. It may involve some restarts, you would have to start from scratch after re-installing and you would have to do it separately if you have a number of computers but most times, it works.

These tips are sure to help you in your windows OS updating tasks but if you still find it confusing, Compushooter is and always will be happy to help. Just give us a ring at 480-464-0202 and we’ll take it from there while you sit back, relax and wait for your desired output.

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