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How to Speed Up Your Internet Connection Phoenix AZ

Because of the numerous ways of instant communication, we have become used to going through life at top speed. That’s why the very moment something slows us down, we easily get frustrated. One good example for such a scenario is having slow internet connection. Because we rely on the internet for practically everything we do both for work and leisure, this situation can easily become one’s worst nightmare.

At times, this can be resolved by means of a plan upgrade or change of service provider; however, we have to admit that there are also times when even those who pay a  higher fee to get faster internet speed still have slow connection. So, what do you do now? Will you buy a computer of the latest model then? Check out these helpful tips:

1. Have a talk with your provider.

The first step to do when having a snail-like pace internet connection is to call your provider to see if they are performing the job they are expected to do. Tell them how long you’ve been experiencing the lag. There is a possibility that your current package is outdated and they will recommend an upgrade either for free or for a minimal fee.

2. Use a browser that works for you.

We may have started with Internet Explorer as our first browser but there are new ones now that can serve you better. Among these are Firefox, Chrome, Torch and Opera. Check out each and see which works best for the type of internet connection and hardware configuration you have. Chrome, in particular, is ideal for computers with low RAM as it’s not memory hungry as IE and Firefox.

3. Do some tweaking on your router.

Adjust the settings of your router. Most of these can be tweaked to give access to ports which can increase the speed of your internet. You can read the manual or google what things you can do to improve router performance. Prior to tweaking though, check if you’re close enough to the router when using the internet. The further you are from it, the slower your speed and unstable your connection.

How to Speed Up Your Internet Connection

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4. Stop unauthorized access.

For users of wireless internet connection, you need to ensure that you’re not giving access to your neighbors; otherwise, it will certainly be slow. Have a wifi password to prevent unwanted users from gaining access your connection. If your hardware is compatible, have a WPA encryption set up.

5. Control usage of bandwidth.

Applications often use your bandwidth in the background. These are Skype, Windows Live Messenger, Windows Update, Adobe Reader Updates, Real Player and the like. More often than not, they are on auto start the very moment your computer connects to the internet. Technically, these programs are employing your bandwidth even when you’re not using them. Hence, have these applications configured so that they won’t start automatically.

 6. Have regular maintenance check of your computer.

If you have a slow computer, this won’t speed up even when your internet connection is already fast. So, you need it checked regularly for maintenance such as defrag, disk cleanup registry repair and tasks such as optimization of Windows services and monitoring of startup items. These actually speed up both your PC’s performance and internet connection.

This article is a friendly tip brought to you by Compushooter, your friendly neighborhood technicians. For any of your computer needs and repairs, do give us a call at 480-464-202. We are always happy to be of service.

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