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How to Recycle An Old and Crappy Computer Phoenix AZ

Not everyone of us has the luxury of keeping our system updated with the latest and the greatest hardware we can chunk into our system. If you are like some of us who are stuck with an old and crappy computer, don’t despair as there are still ways that can be done to make the best out of your seemingly obsolete device.
1. Overclock
Be it for physical or financial reasons that your hardware can’t be upgraded, you can always try overclocking your system without having to shell out some cash. You can overclock your video card simply by using this program: MSI Afterburner.
2. Regular Maintenance 
Word of advice: Think before doing anything radical that may do even more harm than good to your old and crappy computer. Make sure that your system isn’t slowed down by certain factors like fragmented drives or corrupted system files. These can be diagnosed when you are having a routing maintenance checks on your device.
3. Lighter and Faster
Sometimes, our choice of apps that we put in our system can be the culprit behind a crappy system. There are tons of applications that we can download from the internet which are lighter and easier for our older system to handle and execute
4. Lower but Faster
There is absolutely nothing wrong with manipulating older software versions. If it still helps you get the job done then why not? If it saves you time compared to forcing it on newer version, then why not?
5. Lighter operating system
If all the above suggested tips aren’t working, then maybe it’s high time for you to upgrade to a lighter operating system.  You can surely find an improvement in performance after the update. There are a vast array of lighter systems available in the net to choose from, the likes of which are Linux and Chrome.
If you need help in this update, we, at Compushooter, can help you to the task. Just give us a ring at 480-464-202 and let us do the job while you sit back and wait for your crappy and old computer to be functioning well again.

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