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How to Energize Your Laptops Phoenix AZ

In the technological age we are in, laptops have come to be a very important gadget in our lives. They have become our travel buddies to work, school and even we are on holiday or vacation, providing us access to our files and the internet wherever we are.

The latest innovations have not only made laptops so handy and convenient to bring, they now also come in an array of chic designs and colors that could match the personality, mood or outfit of its owner.

Since they have already become a necessity to do work and studies, it’s only proper that we take good care of our laptops. Keep in mind that it does come at a pretty expensive price when you bought it; hence, you would want it to last longer than what design trends it offers every now and then.

1. Hardware Care

Your laptop’s well-being relies much on how properly maintained its hardware is. remember that while wear-and-tear is inevitable, you can do steps to keep your hardware at optimum condition:

a. Refrain from letting your device overheat.

How to Energize Your Laptops Phoenix AZ

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The hardware’s ultimate enemy is heat. While laptops can tolerate high temperatures better than desktops, it can still get damaged when exposed to excessive heat. Make sure that you monitor the temperature of your device properly. If it’s high, ensure that the exhaust fan isn’t blocked and that air can freely circulate and flow around your laptop. As fans and inlets get clogged up with dust, clean them regularly. You may also want to consider buying a cooling pad accessory to aid in reducing operating temperatures.

b. Clean your display and keyboards regularly.

Your display, keyboards and tracking pads can get damaged easily if you’re careless. Make sure that you don’t eat or drink near your laptop to prevent accidental spills and stains. Clean your screen regularly employing a lint-free cloth (dry or sprayed lightly with a glass cleaner) and your keyboards with compressed air. If just well cared for, all these components could even outlast your hard drive.

c. Employ a case.

While designed to give users portability, don’t forget that laptops are also sensitive devices. If it get’s knocked, dropped or spilled frequently, its overall performance can get affected. Hence, it pays to keep it safe and protected from unavoidable jolts and bumps by means of a case or sleeve.

2. Software Care

If you want to extend your laptop’s life, one of the best ways to do so is to keep its operating system and software in tip-top shape. Here are some tips on how you can do this:

a. De-clutter your system.

To maintain overall good health of your device, regular de-cluttering is the key. Clear out your system from unnecessary files that are building up and draining your resources. Find a good Cleanup tool online that can eliminate digital debris and free up memory resources for improvement of your laptop’s overall performance.

b. Install and regularly update an antivirus software.

How to Energize Your Laptops Phoenix AZ

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Your laptop needs protection from virus, malware and other malicious programs that could infect it and the best line of defense for these is a good antivirus software. However, it just doesn’t end there. As these kinds of malicious programs have the capability to change and evolve quite quickly, you’ll need to regularly update your antivirus program too.

c. Tune up your laptop.

As time passes, wearing and tearing of your device that could affect its stability is inevitable. Among those common are unnecessary startup commands, obsolete settings and bloating of registry. Hence, you need to keep your laptop tuned to nip these problems while still budding.

3. Battery Maintenance

Without your battery, your laptop can’t function at all so if you’re quite busy and on the go meaning you don’t have some place to charge, it’s important to maximize it as much as you can. Here are some ways on how to do this:

a. Extreme temperatures must be avoided.

Both extreme heat and cold are not good for any battery but the former is more damaging. If you leave your laptop in a hot place, like your car, or expose it to such heat can cut your battery’s life in half or even kill it for good.

b. Set your laptop in “sleep” or “hibernation” mode when not used.

To conserve a great deal of battery, configure your laptop to power down after not being used for sometime. You have hibernate or sleep mode as your options:

How to Energize Your Laptops Phoenix AZ

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  • Sleep Mode – power is suspended from display but not from all system operations. This means your laptop is still getting a bit of energy from the battery. When you’ll use your laptop again, the programs you opened will be up and running pretty quickly.
  • Hibernate Mode – with this option, there is no use of battery at all. Obviously, this saves the most energy however, when you’ll use your laptop again, it will take longer for everything to power up. On that note, hibernation is recommended if you’ll be away for a longer period of time.

c. If you’re not using it, turn it off.

This is the rule that applies to processes that can drain the power of your laptop’s battery. Limit or if not in use, turn everything off. Examples of these are turning down your sound, dimming your screen’s brightness or turning off your WiFi when you’re not using the internet.

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