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How problems caused by Hurricane Sandy could have been avoided thanks to VoIP

Many businesses are starting to realize the importance of having a VoIP phone system now that Hurricane Sandy has come and gone. In case you didn’t know, Hurricane Sandy was the largest Atlantic hurricane ever recorded. It took out 25 percent of all cell towers across 10 states in the U.S. when it hit, so three out of four cellphones were actually rendered useless. It cost millions in terms of property damage and continues to cause problems for those who are currently working on cleanup and restoration.

Since Hurricane Sandy took out quite a big chunk of the cellular network in the areas that were affected, millions of people were unable to communicate via their cellphones. A lot of businesses also suffered loss of communications as a result of this. The fact that cell towers got knocked out was further complicated by the fact that landline phones also stopped working as soon as the power got cut off, something which also happened while the hurricane was still wreaking havoc. So landlines and cellphones were all pretty much useless at the same time.

How VoIP could have helped

All of the communication problems mentioned above might have been easily averted thanks to the use of VoIP phone services.

While traditional landline phones are rendered useless by a power failure, a VoIP phone system will continue working as long as there is a properly functioning connection to the Internet. Business could then use the VoIP phone system to continue doing business as usual and avoid running into problems down the line.

VoIP benefits

The biggest benefit of using a VoIP system is that it allows hassle-free rerouting of all calls whenever a problem happens, and that allows businesses to operate normally in the fact of disruptive circumstances. In the end, it can help businesses with not just avoiding loss of communications and loss of business but also saving money on up-front repair costs that are inevitable with the use of other systems.

It’s no wonder why so many companies and even government offices are starting to move away from traditional landline and cellphone services towards VoIP. Ultimately, it can help with increasing productivity, profit, and making sure that customers or clients are always happy.

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