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How Do I Know If My Computer Is Infected With A Virus?

A computer virus is a piece of computer code that runs silently on a host computer and is intended to cause malicious damage the computer system for example deleting user files. Computer viruses can also cause irritating annoyance to the user of the computer for example opening a program after an interval of sometime.

There are several ways to know if your computer has been infected with a virus. If your computer is always producing pop up messages about advertisements or prompting you to visit fishy websites then it is highly likely that your computer has been infected by a virus.

Another symptom of virus infection is the slow down of the speed of your computer. If your computer becomes suddenly unable to start applications quickly then there is a high chance that your computer has been infected by a virus.

The third thing that you should look out for is constantly disappearing user files. This especially comes about with Microsoft word files where you might find some parts of your documents missing or wholly deleted.

If your Internet connection is very slowly there is a high chance that a computer virus is eating up the bandwidth of your network while it is accessing a server and waiting for commands. There may also be automatic opening of web pages as soon as you log on to the Internet. This is the work of viruses as they try to bring a computer system to its knees.

Some of the solutions are easy as downloading a new anti-virus software from the Internet. But some viruses do so much damage that you may need to take your computer to a specialist to get it working again. If you are in Arizona area, contact us so we can help you get rid of your computer problem. We are so confident that we will fix you PC or its free. And as a reader of this blog, we will give you a special discount on your first computer repair service.

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