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Hosted Call Center Solutions

“You have the people, we have the technology.”

Traditionally businesses that wanted an automated call centers would be required to make large capital expenditures for on-premise hardware and software. Then go through a long and expensive implementation. In addition, these systems were often complex and expensive to maintain.

CompuShooter’s Hosted Call Center Solution is an affordable, proven alternative.

Advantages of a Hosted Call Centers

Today’s CompuShooter’s hosted call center solutions hold numerous advantages over on-premises systems:

  • Easy to Set Up – System requirements are computers and high speed Internet connection
  • Reduced Ongoing Costs – As a managed service, your business doesn’t have to make a large up-front capital investment in new hardware, software licenses and implementation teams – instead it can simply “lease” the call center software
  • Call Center Management – The hosted call center solutions is delivered as a managed service. CompuShooter manages the application performance, including the maintenance and upgrades of all related hardware and infrastructure, which reduces your company’s IT costs
  • Scalability – You can rapidly scale up your call center operations without having to invest in new hardware or architecture. This is particularly advantageous for companies that experience seasonal business cycles

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