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Having iPhones as a VoIP Phone – Phoenix Arizona

Having the iPhone as a VoIP Phone is especially beneficial for people who have family and friends abroad. Imagine having the convenience to call or see them from anywhere in the world with just a touch of your finger anytime and anywhere. Sure beats having to do it on your desktop or bringing along your laptop huh?

Here are some free apps that allows for equally free VoIP calls:

1. Viber

Having iPhone as a VoIP Phone - Phoenix Arizona

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Viber’s really popular right now and why wouldn’t it be? No need to make an account, username or give details of your credit card number to have to make a free call. It creates an identity with your number but uses your minutes only if the receiver of your call also has the said app installed on his or her phone. With Viber, you can call anybody from virtually anywhere in the world so long as they are using a similar software.

2. Skype

Also one of the most well known VoIP apps, it’s quick to make a new account through Skype and easy to add contacts and allows for video calls with people from anywhere in the world. This works through WiFi or your cellular data and your call can go through the receiver by means of their desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

3. Fring

Fringe allows for text messaging, VoIP calls, video chats and yes, group calls to a maximum of four people at once. For calls, you can do it with one’s smartphone, tablet and landline phone and for chat, it can do so with other devices like iPod Touch, iPad and and even Android users as well. Using Dynamic Video Quality (DVQ) technology to give you the highest quality of video calls, Fringe works over WiFi or your data plan.

4. Tango

With Tango, you can send text messages and photos as well as make voice and video calls internationally. One of its key features is having the ability to locate contacts who are also using it as an App and enables group video messaging which is very useful if you have to talk about something with many people involved like planning a party or get together.

 5. iCallHaving iPhone as a VoIP Phone - Phoenix Arizona

Getting push notifications upon receiving a call, this VoIP app enables free calling for both USA and Canada but not so for other countries. Developers though guarantee that it’s at a cheap cost so no need to worry much of getting skyrocketing phone bills.

With your iPhone as a VoIP Phone, the world has become a smaller place and what’s best about it is you can connect with your family, friends and loved ones from anywhere in the world via call or video for free or at a really lower cost compared to using wireless or landlines. So really, what’s not to love about it?

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