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Having Good English Practice Skills in a Call Center – Phoenix Arizona

If you own or manage a call center, one of the key factors that guarantee its success is to first of all, have your employees speak clear and fluent English. As they will be dealing with nationalities and accents of all kinds, it’s most essential that they can speak the world’s universal language so that good communication can be established with your clients.

Of course, your human resource department would not hire somebody who can’t speak English well but you see sometimes, it’s not just about merely speaking the language well. They must also know how to clearly explain things in details as well. There are people out there who really speak fluent English but when asked to explain something like a certain process or step-by-step guide on how to do something, they find themselves stumbling for words.

Customer and technical support representatives who can’t explain details clearly would leave your customers frustrated and dissatisfied. They call your toll-free number, believing that their queries or complaint would be addressed but what they got instead was a communication exchange that they can barely understand or a set of instructions they can barely make sense of.

As the owner or partner of the call center, you can’t allow such a thing from happening right? So for prevention, here are some tips:

1. Instruct your training department to incorporate a software on learning the English language as part of the entire training process. This software must contain a variety of different skills in speaking English which usually include listening, conversation, reading comprehension, spelling and grammar and vocabulary.

2. Have ESL Instructors work hand in hand with your training department in making programs or modules for continuous improvement of your representatives’ English speaking skills.Having Good English Practice Skills in Call Centers

3. Have your training and HR department work together to organize a whole day of fun-filled games that features the use of English language. Go for fun games like Bugle, Scrabble, Hangman or Pass the Message.

4. Have your company be an advocate of reading and self-learning or practice by having books that encourage better and improved English speaking skills.

Moreover, keep in mind that communication is a 2-way process. For good communication to happen, your representative must also be a good listener and know the right questions to ask in order to get a customer to provide the information needed so that he or she in turn, could address the query or offer steps to resolve the matter.

With every shift, the main goal should be to enable good communication process as this translates to quality call center service and consequently produces clients who are happy and satisfied with their customer care experience.

If you need customer and technical support representatives who meet the criteria of fluent English speaking skills, you can count on Compushooter’s agents to deliver quality customer service to your client calls. Friendly and accommodating, your customers are sure to be pleased and satisfied with every call. Let’s talk… give us a ring now at 480-464-0202!


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