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Google to do “Shame Campaign” against web’s malware offenders

It has been a fact that Google has been constantly battling malicious websites which constantly harm end users. May it be via phising, email campaigns, social engineering and others, Google has decided to label these websites as repeat offenders and most likely face a temporary restriction or ban.

Google Chrome displays a warning message that the website potentially contains malware or malicious content that can damage your computer if the website fails Google’s safe browsing policy.

Site owners and administrators are given enough time to remove the offending code. Once done, the warning is also lifted.

As of Wednesday, Google has said that this method contains a flaw or loophole. The offending websites will cease to run or remove the code long enough for the warning message to be taken down and continue with their nefarious activities.

They have concluded that it would be better to brand such websites as “repeat offenders”. Besides being branded, they would be a 30-day minimum before a webmaster can appeal to lift the “repeat offender” branding.

By far, this is a very good concept to have these sites marked and avoid wrecking havoc to users.

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