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Goodbye Internet Explorer, Hello Project Spartan Phoenix AZ

After two decades, Microsoft has confirmed that they are officially veering away from their old  Internet Explorer browser and replacing it with a new one for which they code named Project

While still in the process of researching what its new brand or name would be, Microsoft stated that the new browser is said to be in Windows 10. Microsoft Marketing Chief Chris Capossela has shown data on research they have made for their new browser stating that the mere putting of the Microsoft name in front of it would already result to high appeal on the delta for users of Chrome.

Goodbye Internet Explorer, Hello Project Spartan Phoenix AZ

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Intended to be lots more modern and interoperable, Spartan is described to enable users to do things like annotation of web pages and find things online quickly by speaking queries aloud via Microsoft’s Cortana digital assistant. However, Capossela also made it clear that Internet Explorer would still be around in some of Window 10’s versions but mainly for the purpose of enterprise compatibility.

Internet Explorer had been the leading browser since its release in the market during the middle 1990’s; but its 6th version hadn’t been as successful because of loopholes in speed, security and compatibility with other browsers; thereby, performing rather poorly compared to then new comers, Firefox and Chrome.

Tech site, The Verge, reported that judging from the research done by Microsoft, it can be expected that it will veer as far as it can from Internet Explorer while Project Spartan will have the Microsoft name attached to it.

An article from also revealed that Capossela had confirmed that the upcoming browser will not be associated to Internet Explorer. Quartz further noted that the said brand had its share of market loss, having been outdone by other browsers. Hence, the success of Spartan is very vital if Microsoft is to regain what share of the market it has lost and to remain a relevant brand in the web browser business.

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