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FYI: Microsoft’s latest Windows 10 update breaks PowerShell

FYI: Microsoft’s latest Windows 10 update breaks PowerShell

Microsoft has made an announcement that they will be fixing the broken update they have released recently that has broken some of PowersShell’s functionality on August 30.

They have admitted that the update was rolled out earlier this week and was pushed to install automatically causing some functionality issues with PowerShell.

Windows 10 build 14393.82 was sent to computers last Tuesday. It was said that the update was supposed to fix PowerShell but instead, they broke it even further.

All of this is “Due to a missing .MOF file in the build package, the update breaks DSC. All DSC operations will result in an ‘Invalid Property’ error,” this is all according to their blog post.

“In addition, due to a missing binary in the build package the update breaks PowerShell implicit remoting. Implicit remoting is a PowerShell feature where PowerShell commands work on a remote session instead of locally. Specifically, importing a remote session no longer works.”

So Microsoft has screwed up, what’s next? There will be no fix for that update until August 30 as they have announced.

“We apologise for any inconvenience that this might cause,” Microsoft said, advising users that the update can be removed by running the following in PowerShell: wusa /uninstall /kb:3176934.

On a the bright side, Windows 10 build 1493.82 does actually fix some things, though, including the operating system’s Network Controller, DNS server, gateways, Storages Spaces Direct (the Server 2016 feature that pools server storage for scalable software-defined solutions), Windows Store and Active Directory.

Internet Explorer 11 also receives an update, including a fix to do with ‘mouse events’ not working correctly and a UI glitch.

Nothing much has happened to their Edge browser except for a small fix they did with its extensions.

The incorrect lock screen UI after resuming from sleep or hibernation together with some stuff with Cortana. Other fixes were done to Windows 10 mobile which they largely focused on.

Windows 10 Mobile changes include a fix for 3G and 4G options “not appearing correctly in Windows 10 Mobile settings”.

Last thing on the list of fixes we are all been waiting for is  for the Windows 10 Anniversary release. A large number of systems became unusable namely the ones with SSD’s after the installing the windows 10 Anniversary update.

So what is next for all of us? We just have to wait and see…

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