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Four Ways to Maintain Your Mac PC Phoenix AZ

Generally speaking, it’s not hard to maintain your Mac PC. Check out these quick and easy tips on how to keep them in the best shape:

1. Run Disk Utility

It’s good practice to run disk utility for two main reasons: to repair permissions and essentially, to verify and repair the hard drive. Found in all Mac computers, it is located at /Applications/Utilities folder. You can locate both mentioned procedures under the tab that says “First Aid” and you can run one after the other.

  • Repair Disk Permissions – Although it’s not exactly the cure-for-all that people reported, it’s still good practice to repair disk permissions, periodically running it after you install or uninstall a number of applications.
  • Repair Disk – One essential thing that needs to be done with Disk Utility is to Repair Disk. While it’s possible for you to verify the boot volume anytime, the ideal method to repair it is to boot from the recovery partition by holding down Command+R and run Disk Utility from there.

Such is especially needed for corrupt drives or for any bad blocks found. Ensure that you run Verify Desk, both on the drive and boot partition. You’ll know if there are any errors because they will be red in appearance. It’s a good thing though that Disk Utility can handle these kinds of repairs on its own.

2. Update your Mac Software

It’s essential that you regularly keep your Mac software updated. How do you do this? Run Software Update from the Apple menu and check the Mac App store for any updates of the apps you have there as well. Do both steps periodically.

Updates can either be feature enhancements, bug and security fixes. Software update likewise checks for updates once every week by default but the Mac App store needs to be checked manually checked in OS X Lion.  This moves Software Update to the Mac App store so basically, this is an automated process for OS x 10.8 users.

Four Ways to Maintain Your Mac PC Phoenix AZ

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3. Clean Off your Desktop

You may not be aware of this but having too much files on your desktop can slow your Mac down. This delay is not so obvious with the latest Mac models but it happens because every file and icon you put on your desktop takes up your room in your RAM and resources. The more space you take up in your RAM, the more sluggish your Mac will be.

The best thing for you to do is to make it a habit to file things out of the desktop and file them into designated folders. If you don’t want to get into that kind of detailed filing, simply grab all files and transfer them into one directory. You can always go back and arrange them when you have more time. If you’re too busy, you can make use of apps that can clean it automatically by regularly moving your files into an allocated place.

4. Back Up your Mac Regularly

In order to properly maintain your Mac PC, you need to do a backup regularly. Aside from enabling you to recover from possible damages, it’s actually good practice to have your files manually backed up as well.

The simplest way to do this is the Time Machine solution. Just get yourself an external hard drive first. Then, you configure Time Machine through System Preferences. If you don’t have Time Machine yet, it’s wise that you have one set up. It’s very easy and hassle free since it enables automated backups.

If you need help in doing any of these steps, we, at Compushooter, are just a call away with numbers 480-464-0202. Tell us what your needs are and our friendly, able technicians will be happy to be of assistance.

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