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Four of the Best Locations for Home Security Cameras Phoenix AZ

With regards to installing home security cameras, the primary thing you need to consider is exactly where you would need it. Consider the most weak spots in your home. Are there entrances that are blocked from outside view or perhaps doors and windows that can be attractive to burglars? If ever you or the previous owners of the house have experienced breaks-ins before, consider where they have entered. Furthermore, you are distinctively competent to gauge the best way on keeping your family safe from security breach.

After determining the possible spots for your cameras, the next thing to consider is whether the cameras would be visible or hidden. One ideal way is to install a dummy camera that will be visible from the thieves and have the real camera hidden.

Below are some recommended areas where you can put your home security cameras:

Four of the Best Locations for Home Security Cameras Phoenix AZ

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1. Main Door

Nearly 34% of most burglars enter your home through the main door. Undoubtedly, you should install a camera here. In order to avoid possible intruders from disabling it, place it somewhere hidden.

2. Back Door

This is also a possible spot where you would put a camera. Always make it a point that these cameras are somewhat hidden or if possible, can’t be reached by hand at all.

3. Off-Street Windows

Intruders usually break-in through rear windows. Frequently, these are windows that are not visible from the street.

4. Backyard or Side Gate

Thieves adore a great back garden because it’s packed with costly garden equipment and machinery Equip your back garden with motion sensing flood lights and alarms along with night vision cameras. If your back garden is within a fence, make it to a point that the camera can view the entrance of the back garden or better yet, install a second camera here.

If you need suggestions or help in installing your home security cameras, you can bet that Compushooter can help you in such a mission of protecting your family from danger. Just dial 480-464-0202 and we’ll do the job for you

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