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Five Common Computer Problems and Fixes Phoenix AZ

You’re starting out like any other day. You’re working quietly but typing rather furiously because you have a deadline to catch when suddenly, an error message came out and your computer isn’t working as it should anymore.

If you’re not a much of a technical person, it can be a real challenge trying to decipher what computer problems you are having and even more, for its solution. Still, it would be prudent to have some basic background of how to fix such mishaps so that you could save time or more importantly, salvage important files. Check out these five computer problems and simple tips on  how you can fix them.

1. Blue Screen of Death (BSoD)

Blue may be known as a calming color but if you see it on your computer screen with white text coming with it, it’s definitely time to panic. Ask anyone who has had a BSod experience and they would tell you how nerve-wrecking it is. If you do encounter this computer problem again, restart your computer and you’ll see the error disappear. This error occurs if your dynamic link library (DLL) or driver files are corrupted or if your hardware is about to fail. Although it goes away by restarting your device, damage incurred would depend on the severity of the problem, be it on the software or hardware side of the PC.

2. Applications that Won’t Install

If an application is not installing, the reason could be lack of hard drive space. If such is the case, you definitely need to delete some of files and folders that aren’t used anymore to give your drive some space. These could be duplicate files, temporary files or uninstalled software data. This is one problem that’s definitely easy to solve even on your own.

Five Common Computer Problems and Fixes Phoenix AZ

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3. Applications that Run a Turtle-Like Pace

If your software is literally crawling, it may be because of a problem that involves your application or operating system, the latter of which may be missing updates. It may also be due to space shortage on your hard drive. If such is the case, you need to clean, scan and optimize your hard drive for it to function properly again.

4. Missing DLL File

DLL files consist of information regarding how your operating system performs certain functions. At times, it happens that your PC would lose these files or something would damage them. If your computer can’t read a specific DLL file, it won’t know how to respond to certain situations. If you get an error message for each time you try to perform a function, it means you may have a corrupt or missing file. If such is the case, you can have them restored by downloading them back to your computer.

5. Abnormal Applications Behavior

There are times when applications act strange. For example, your Word document may not show your document’s top margin but upon printing it, you’re baffled why it looks just fine and the way it should. If this happens, you may need to restart your device.

Such tips are meant to help you know what the first thing to do is should you encounter any of these common problems on your device; however, if your efforts are to no avail, there’s no need to panic. All you have to do is call Compushooter at 480-464-202 and we’ll be glad to set your worries at ease.

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