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First Aid PC Tips before Calling for Computer Repair Phoenix AZ

Over time, your PC won’t run as fast as you would want it to. Whether you’re using Windows or Mac, it can be pretty annoying when you a ton of work to do and all you’re seeing are hourglass icons or the ever so slow spinning circle movement.

Before banging your mouse or unceasingly pressing the enter key, take a deep breath to calm yourself and try cleaning your PC because chances, are it’s in dire need of it both literally and digitally speaking. Check out these five tips to give you a good head start.

1. Organization is the key.

You’re PC would work seemingly slow if you have to spend quite some time clicking through a mass of folders and subfolders or thumbing your fingers on the table as the search function does its job of retrieving files.

The first step to make your PC run smooth is to set up a filing system that will help you locate your documents where you want then, when you need them. As tedious as it is, the tasks of clearing and reorganizing your PC will do wonders in purging your PC, leaving you with an absolutely clearer sense of navigation as far as locating your files goes. While on the job, be creative. Try to find ways to make it fun. Try using a grid wallpaper for precise icon organization prior to going back to your preferred background.

2. Eliminate what’s not needed.

We’ve heard of compulsive hoarding but in my opinion, there just might be a thing as cyber hoarder too. What is it with some people who can’t delete files from four to seven years ago? Chances are, these files were never even clicked, let alone opened, for eons of years. So, what is the use of keeping them in your PC? If it were a house, it would’ve already caught fire from all the pages of files you kept.First Aid PC Tips before Calling for Computer Repair Phoenix AZ

Run disk cleanup. Aside from the obvious freeing up of hard drive space, it will do wonders in improving your PC’s performance. Delete downloads, temporary files and duplicate files as well as trialware and crapware that was already installed in your PC when you bought it.

3. Learn to fight back.

When something is wrong with your PC and you can’t figure out why it’s acting that way, you end up calling a computer repair service because you just can’t afford to have it out of order. After all, your job just might very well depend on it. However, as the saying goes, “prevention is better than cure.” Try investing in programs targeting spyware, malware, adware and other viruses that could infect your PC.

The goal here is to find the antivirus software that’s right for you. If you happen to be a web surfer buff, you would want a stronger one as you are more exposed to threatening sites. If you are always engrossed in doing your day’s tasks, you might opt for a program that’s unobtrusive enough to keep your system running while you’re working.

Once you’ve chosen the program that you feel is right for you, use it. Scan as often as you can. Now, as it literally takes hours to do a full system scan, do it overnight while you’re sleeping. It’s guaranteed that if make this a habit, your PC’s health will be in tip top shape.

4. Is there a Need to Defrag?

First Aid PC Tips before Calling for Computer Repair Phoenix AZWhen it comes to using your PC, it’s inevitable for your files to get scattered in little fragments across the system. What brings everything back together is defragmentation. Although its effects are not so noticeable on your PC’s speed, it’s still a good habit to ensure that your files are filed in one, right place. Now, unless your drive is the solid state kind, it’s good to defrag once every month just to keep safe.

5. Back to Square One.

If your PC has severe damage, this is one of those times when all you can do is save your data, wipe your hard drive and reinstall Windows. Before doing this last option though, remember to backup all your data to ensure that you won’t lose any vital files.

Now that you’re reinstalling Windows though, it would be good if you could upgrade to the latest OS system, Windows 8. This goes to say that you should check if you’re running the most recent version of the software you’re using. In case you’re not constantly updating, it would be good to set your PC to do it automatically.

If you’ve applied all these tips though and your PC is still not working the way it’s suppose to, it’s time to call for help. We, at Compushooter, have competent technicians that can do computer repair and update your PC with the latest antivirus software. That way, you can get back to your work without panic and worries. Give us a call at 480-464-0202 and we’ll have your PC up and running in no time!


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