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FBI Ransomware Virus Removal – Phoenix AZ

The FBI Ransomware Virus is a trojan in disguise that sets to lock your computer’s system, presenting an alert message that states you have done various things that go against copyright laws like viewing and distribution of copyrighted content, spam as well as child pornography.

Moreover, the message states that the user needs to pay a certain fine ranging from $100 to $300 over online payment systems like MoneyPak, MoneyGram or PayPal in order to avoid getting jailed or persecuted.

Along with this lockdown, the said computer virus can be able to get passwords and financial information. The latest that authorities have found is it also has the ability to take pictures of the area where you are from your computer’s built-in camera. This includes the the interior of your home and personal space.

Should any alert messages like this appear on your screen, do not be fooled. Ignore them and certainly never give out any information of your bank or credit card account. The previous blog posted discusses how to tell if such a warning is a fake alert. With this blog, steps on FBI ransome virus removal will be given so you can avoid from getting scammed and having your computer damaged.

Things to keep in mind first of all is that if your computer connected to the internet, the trojan gains complete control of your computer along with all its stored data. So, if you get the phony message alert, be sure not to click on anything especially the Yes or No button that it asks people to click. This is a trick as doing so would allow the virus to download and be installed on your computer’s system. Having done that, follow these steps:

Unlocking your PC

1. Virus removal would entail unlocking of your computer. To do that, use another PC with an internet connection.

2. Use the second PC to download a known and reliable anti-malware program.

3. Update the program and save it in your USB drive or CD.

4. Meantime, to deal with your infected PC, reboot it to Safe Mode with command prompt and stick the USB drive in it.

5. Reboot your infected PC again and then run a full scan of its entire system.

Manual Virus Removal

1. Reboot your infected PC to Safe Mode with command prompt to disable the FBi virus.

2.Run Regedit.

3. Do a search for WinLogon Entries and then note down all the files that are not explorer.exe or blank. Replace them with explorer.exe.

4. Search the registry of the files you have noted down and delete the registry keys referencing the files.

5. Reboot and then run a full scan of the entire system with your updated anti-malware program to take out remaining files.


Now, if you find the above steps quite confusing and opt to have a visual instruction of the removal procedure, may also check out this youtube video below which explains steps with more detail and corresponding explanation.

If you are still encountering problems on removing the FBI ransomware virus despite exhausting all efforts with the steps given above or if you simply don’t want to go through the whole removal process, that can certainly be. We, at Compushooter, are always ready and happy to be of service. Simply call us at 480-464-2020 and let us be the solution to your problem.



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