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FBI Advisory: Small Businesses Urged to Reboot Routers Immediately!

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) sent out a public service announcement concerning a recent cybersecurity threat last May 25th, 2018. Now the Better Business Bureau is now recommending that small businesses reboot their routers.

Cyber Criminals have targeted small home and office routers worldwide using the VPNFilter malware. This attack is not something you can take lightly since it might not be removed easily by just a simple reboot. It specifically targets certain makes and models from some manufacturers.

The malware has 3 stages and it is designed to collect info, block and spy on network traffic and worst case scenario is nuke the router itself.

If your device has been infected, rebooting the device will disrupt their operations and will give you enough time to protect your network to do a factory reset, upgrade firmware, disable remote management, and change default credentials for logins to avoid getting re-infected. Stronger passwords and encryption is also advised.


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As we value quality over quantity, we have focused our unified I.T. services to Small and Medium businesses only to Arizona specifically in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Glendale Metro areas.

Our technicians are available the very instant you call us; thereby, ensuring no interruption of your usual business operations. In case you can’t access our contact page, our phone support is always available to cater to your calls. Just give us a ring at 480-464-0202

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