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Engineering Firm

Engineering Firms have unique challenge when it comes to I.T. If Your Arizona (Phoenix, Scottsdale, Glendale) Area Engineering Firm is looking for A Reliable Computer Support Company, look no further. CompuShooter Are Specialists Supporting The Unique Needs Of Engineering Firms.

Computers are at the center of everything your engineering firm does. Don’t trust just any computer technician or company that walk through your doors. You need an I.T. company that understand the needs, software, and requirements specific to your firm.

With CompuShooter, you will have an I.T. support company who has experience with all the challenges you face every day including:

  • Storing Large CAD / Drawing Files
  • Access to centralized file storage
  • Backing up large amounts of data
  • Working with and maintaining higher end desktops for CAD applications.
  • Project and Time Management Systems


Your clients count on you for valuable accounting advice, and you can count on B4 Networks for all your technology needs.

You can count on B4 Networks for all your technology needs. For more information, or to request a no-obligation, no-cost network audit for your Engineering Firm, please contact us at 480-464-0202 or

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