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Effective PC Maintenance Tips to Avoid Computer Repair Phoenix AZ

We all need a little guidance when it comes to PC maintenance. After all, we don’t want to resort to computer repair after just a few months or a year of using it right? So, here are some tips to help you achieve that. You’ll see that doing so isn’t really hard to do too.

1. Ensure that your PC’s hard drive is clean.

Effective PC Maintenance Tips to Avoid Computer Repair Phoenix AZ

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Downloading the software known as Cleaner or Tuneup Utilities will help a lot in keeping your desktop a lot cleaner.

2. Don’t just download any freeware or software from any site.

Watch what you download. Verify first if the website offering it is legit and can be trusted. Likewise, if you downloading something and find it to be of no use at all, then delete it.

3. Refrain from using programs to keep your computer clean.

Using hard drive crunching and memory hungry enhancement programs  don’t only occupy too much space, it’s also the reason for system errors. It’s better to utilize what tools Windows has supplied:

Start> All Programs> Accessories > System Tools

4. Run Disk Cleanup once a week.

Temporary files lurking in your hard drive are not necessary. Run Disk Cleanup once every week to remove them.

5. Defrag once a month. 

As your PC’s hard drive gets older, there’s a tendency for files to become broken. Running disk defragmenter every month optimizes your hard drive’s seek time.

6. Use a safe web browser.

Research showed that the browser, Internet Explorer is more inclined and defenseless against virus attacks compared to other web browsers. Use Firefox or Google Chrome instead and add MacAfee Site Adviser if you want to.

7. Arm your computer with a good anti-virus and Windows Firewall.

Always use a trusted anti-virus. Don’t just use any virus scanner you find on the internet as it may contain freeware and malware. Before inserting any device on your PC, always do a virus scan and make this a weekly habit as well.

Effective PC Maintenance Tips to Avoid Computer Repair Phoenix AZ

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8. Take out what dust piles on your computer.

Overheating is commonly caused by accumulation of dust and dirt. Hence, make it a point to keep your system clean.

9. Protect your computer from power surge.

Invest on a good surge protector as this is an effective device that protects your system from sudden or powerful flow of current or a lightning strike. Always make sure that this is 1449 certified.
10. Clean up Registry.
Frequent installation and uninstallation of software can mess up your registry; thus resulting to a lengthy bootup time. Try using AVG PC Tuneup instead.
And there you have it… some tips in keeping your PC in good maintenance. Hopefully, you won’t get into any trouble with your device but if ever you do need computer repair, Compushooter is just a call away at 480-464-0202 . We’ll gladly do the troubleshooting necessary to have your computer good as new!

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