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Does Adding RAM Make Your Computer System Run Faster Phoenix AZ?

One particular topic people would most likely inquire or talk about when planning to buy a computer is the amount of Random Access Memory (RAM) they need to have for their system. Up to some level, the addition of RAM makes your computer run faster on particular operations. It’s also essential as it eliminates the necessity of swapping software applications in and out.Does Adding RAM Make Your Computer System Faster Phoenix AZ?

Every time you launch an application such as a word processor or internet browser, your CPU draws out the executable file (.exe) from your hard drive and then pushes it into your RAM. Applications such as Microsoft Word and Excel eat up huge amounts of memory.

The microprocessor then launches the data file you want to view. Consequently, huge programs can right away take 100 megabytes of RAM or even larger, which in turn, can give you a sluggish overall performance if your computer system doesn’t have the adequate memory installed.

On any system, there will always be a time wherein several huge programs are launched simultaneously such as a word processor, spreadsheet, email program and possibly several browsers. Apart from all these running apps, your computer’s operating system is also taking significant amount of memory space. Given everything collectively, your system might require you adding more RAM.

The question now is, should you ad more RAM to your system? Should you keep adding till the memory slots are full? Well, if your system has just a bit of memory like 256 megabytes, perhaps in this case, your Virtual Memory Manager (VMM) is always at work swapping files in and out; thereby, causing your system to slow down. However, if your computer has significant amount of RAM, then it doesn’t need to swap anything since your VMM still has plenty of space.

If you need help in determining if your computer system needs more RAM or if you want it added and don’t know how, Compushooter is always happy to be of service. Just call us at 480-464-0202 and our competent technicians will handle everything for you.

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