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Dell’s Massive 43-Inch 4K Monitor Gives You 4 Screens in One

Need a bunch of monitors in your face at all times to efficiently do your job? Dell wants to elevate your workstation.

The company just released a 43-inch monitor that delivers four separate Full HD-resolution screens without the interruption of bezels. Priced at $1,349.99, this thing obviously does not come cheap, but was designed for high rollers: financial institutions, trading floors, and software developers.

The Dell 43 Multi-Client Monitor (P4317Q) offers support for up to four independent clients in a single view, and the ability to switch between them in full-screen mode. It also features a matte finish that promises to reduce glare and eye strain.

“This large, single-screen display allows traders to quickly focus on content from any one of the connected clients and zoom in to the full screen,” Dell said in a news release. “Whether it’s a spreadsheet, a financial model or the latest stock performance, users are able to view and zoom in on the information they need in one place.”

The company said it’s also perfect for software devs who need to concurrently view development, test, and production environments from different systems on one display. You can also view multiple pages of source code on one screen to easily compare them side by side.

Another perk: it simplifies multi-monitor setups, cutting down on the number of cables you have to deal with, and we all know that fewer cables = fewer headaches. It’s also designed to be energy efficient, and offers 30 percent energy consumption savings compared to running four separate monitors.


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