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De-Clutter and Organize Your Email in 5 Simple Steps Phoenix AZ

With all the emails you receive in a day, it’s can get pretty hard to organize. You cleaned it up today but then you receive over 50 emails the next day. Before you know it, you’re trying hard to keep it in control. Seriously, how tedious can one chore get?

Thankfully though, we’ve discovered 5 steps that can get you started on the right track. And mind you, they are actually quite simple to do!

1. Unsubscribe

The first step to organizing your emails would be the ruthless use of unsubscribing. If you’re anything like me, you would feel a little bad doing so but then I pondered on how many of these emails do I really read anyway? If I have to be honest with myself, ignoring these emails isn’t that much different.

2. Delete

De-Clutter and Organize Your Email in 5 Simple Easy Steps Phoenix AZ

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Delete spam and useless emails especially those that suspiciously look like spam but still found its way to your inbox. If you spare a couple of minutes doing this everyday, you would certainly keep your emails from piling up at an alarming speed. If you find that you’re already constantly deleting useless emails from the same sender, it’s time to unsubscribe. Don’t forget to clean out your trash as well. 

3. Organize Folders

If you want to easily identify and move things around your inbox quickly, then organize them into folders. This works wonders in keeping track of information, not to mention the senders of your emails, without having to clutter your inbox.

4. Create a Follow Up File

For emails that require follow-ups, it’s best that you segregate them into a folder called “Follow-Ups” so that you won’t forget about them. This could be emails regarding proposals, further inquiries, contract amendments, documents needing the approvals and the like.

5. Reply Promptly

For the remaining emails, it’s best that you give a prompt reply so that any query or request would already be addressed or you could move them into the follow-up folder.

These tips should give you a good head start in the process of de-cluttering and organizing your emails; however, if you are still having trouble and need assistance, just give us a ring at 480-464-0202 and we’ll be happy to be of assistance. 

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