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Frequently Asked Questions

Why did I encounter data loss?

Data recovery is necessary for many important reasons, failures coming from these physical damage or system corruption.

  • Moisture contact from the area
  • Physical Damage of the device itself
  • Exposure to extreme temperatures either hot or cold
  • Shock or force sustained from exporting the device
  • Defective mechanical or electronic components
  • Damaged read/write heads
  • Variations in humidity
  • Spike or surge in power source
  • Operating System issues
  • Broken or corrupted RAID array
  • Files corrupted or deleted
  • File System formatted unknowingly
  • Virus and malware infections


I am new to data recovery.

Data recovery is a delicate method of recovering data from a storage device when it cannot be retrieved normally. Computer Hard drives are among the most common types of storage media requiring data recovery. However, there are many other forms of storage media that can become corrupted or stopped working. Data recovery is essentially considered to be the best process when all other attempts to retrieve the data have failed.

What is the process for Data Recovery?

The data recovery process depends on the type of recovery necessary for your particular situation. Compushooter begins with a diagnostic step to determine which solution works for your needs and then we call you to discuss the quote.

What is the turn around time for Data Recovery?

We personalize every client as much as possible. If the data is needed immediately, we can provide emergency service to help you out. We can do 24/7 for your convenience. We can discuss the quote within the day or the next business days.

I have seen expensive data Recovery Rates, how much is your service?

Compushooter Data recovery costs can vary depending on the type of storage media, amount of damage, parts needed for repair, and turn around time you required. All these can start as low as $249 , also whats unique with our service is that if its not fixed then it won’t cost you a penny.

Will I recover all my data?

Compushooter have years of success recovering data from all types of media. If it can be recovered, we will do it! However we cannot assume of 100% recovery, that’s why we need to evaluate the recovery needed and the device involved.

The severity of the damage to the storage media will indicate the success rate of the recovery. Chances for successful recovery depends on the physical damage to a hard drive. Call us immediately to check your storage device condition. Compushooter Phone: 480-464-0202

Can I recover my Data on my own?

Attempting to recover your data without any knowledge and experience will cause more damage to your storage media and will end up with unrecoverable data. To minimize data loss, contact Compushooter Data Recovery right away to evaluate your options for safe data recovery. Compushooter Phone: 480-464-0202

My data contains confidential files and documents.

With Compushooter, we treat every recovery as highly confidential. All customer data is kept private and access is monitored to ensure only appropriate specialists handle confidential information. We are regularly contracted to recover classified data for businesses and private groups. Compushooter is used to the level of privacy and protection that classified data and files required.

What type of computer hard drives do you do data recovery?

Compushooter services all laptop and desktop brands out in the market.

Can you recover data from all media storage?

From all common storage media devices like Memory sticks, Media Cards, External Hard drives to computer hard drives.

A virus attack deleted all my files, will I still recover it?

A low protected computer are very prone to virus attacks which leads to data loss, Compushooter also service computers in protecting and removing viruses. A virus and malware infection can result in obvious performance slowness, frequent rebooting, adware pop-ups, spyware slowing the system and even modifying to deleting files. All of these issues can be addressed with our complete Compushooter Virus removal with data recovery services. In the event that virus infection damages or corrupts files heavily, Compushooter is experienced in repairing this type of damage.

Can you recover data from from my Windows? Mac? Linux system?

Yes we can! We recover data from almost all common operating systems.

How to prevent Data Loss in the future?

The best protection against data loss is a proper backup system. Every storage data is prone to damage and data loss, backing up your system and files is always the best remedy, Compushooter provides many data backup solutions that is customized to your needs.

I am ready, how do I send my storage device?

Worry not! No need to touch your storage device media, Compushooter will visit you onsite to check your device. We can do the repair and recovery on-site or we can drive it back to our lab.

To start the data recovery evaluation and process Contact our Team at: Phone: 480-464-0202 Phoenix AZ.

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