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Computer Repair Tips For Beginners

If you have a computer, you should know how to take care the computer and how to do computer repair by yourself when it shows some problems. If you don’t have any clue about it, I will show you some simple tips. I hope it will help.

A. Taking care your PC.

I want to share some simple tips on how to care the computer, especially for computers with Windows operating systems.

  1. Computer’s Hardware maintenance
    •  You should put your PC in a room with good air circulation flow. It is necessary to avoid overheating on your computer.
    • Clean the dust on your computer regularly. You can use a brush, a vacuum cleaner or a compressor.
    • Don’t forget to use a power stabilizer nor UPS ( Uninterrupted Power Supply )
  2. Computer’s Software maintenance
    • Do a back up on your computer system.
      Backing up your computer system is intended as a preventive maintenance action. It makes more easily for us to recover the system when the damage occured.
    • Installing and running computer with Antivirus scan.
      You should run a virus scan on your computer periodically to protect it from virus infection.
    • Do a Windows update, Antivirus and other software update.
      Please do the update whether manually or automatically.
    • Perform optimization system
      You can use some of Windows default tools such as: Disk clean,Check disk and Disk defragmenter

B. Simple computer repair tips.
I’ll show you some computer problems,how to recognize their symptoms and how to fix it.

  1. How to fix a “dead” computer
    • Check your house or office electricity. Are they dead too? if Yes, so there are no problems with your computer. LOL
    • Check your computer power supply wires with Multimeter. Switch the Multimeter to Ohm meter mode to check the wiring.
    • Check the power supply cable coming into the mainboard, are they installed correctly ?
    • Take a look at the power button, is there any damage ?
    • Make sure that another hardware cables are properly installed on the mainboard.
    • If all the above points are checked and the computer is still dead, the problem most likely occurs at the processor.
    • If your processor doesn’t have any problems, it is possible that the computer mainboard causing the problems.
    • If your mainboard is still in a good condition, the monitor must be the troublemaker.
  2. BIOS problems
    • Symptom : I can’t get into the BIOS
    • Solution : The problems are usually happen when you got the wrong BIOS update. You can restore your BIOS by moving the thing called “jumper”. You can find the instruction on your computer manuals. The next step is to turn ON the Computer and wait for ten seconds. The BIOS will restore to normal condition. Don’t forget to move the jumper on it previous position after the BIOS turn to normal.
    • Symptom : Several unusuall beep sound ( note : the computer’s monitor is normal )
    • Solution : Beep sound indicates a spesific error message from the BIOS, usually it happens when the hardware such as Memory, VGA-card, Processor or data cable doesn’t installed properly.

I hope those tips help you. Of course if everything else fails, you can always call us on our number above and we will gladly help.

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