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Chimera ransomware private keys leaked

Another win for ransomware victims because another ransomware private keys got leaked.

It is known that the ransomware industry has major competition. This is one of the few times that victims benefit from this kind of competition. It has been said that the private keys of the Chimera ransomware has been shared and leaked online by another cybercriminal that has been know to have authored the Petya malware.


Below is the said linked message wherein he admits using parts of the source code for chimera to develop the Mischa ransomware. (click here)

It will take time for a working decryptor to be released. If the information is verifiable and true, it is just a matter of time before someone is able to make a decryptor. There is still hope for Chimera victims, so it is highly advised that they keep their encrypted files. High probability that a fix will come out soon to get their data back.

On hind sight, by reading the leaked message, he most likely is not the author and most probably a competitor. It might be the reason why the private keys were shared.

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