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Call Center Solutions

“Bridging the communication gaps between people, business and technology.”

Originally starting out as a company specializing in computer repair services, we, at Compushooter, have been 5 years in the business since we first opened our doors to the public. Committed to providing quality service with low cost computer solutions, we have gained patronage among our clients because to put it simply, we always deliver what we promise.


Now, we are spreading our wings, adding yet another milestone to our list of quality services to the business industry: BPO Outsourcing via call center.

So comes the next question: What sets the Compushooter call center apart from the hundreds of others here? It’s basically because we are a time-tested combination of Committed Service, Excellent Performance and Reasonable Pricing.


Committed Service

The longevity of a company’s relationship with its customers ultimately lies in how it treats them; hence, when it comes to customer service, businesses never settle for anything less. This, we fully understand, uphold and live by.

From the beginning, we, at Compushooter, have always focused on taking care of our clients, giving them real time service with prompt satisfying results. The same core focus applies to our call center services where clients can be sure of receiving quality customer care and technical support from our well-trained, dedicated agents.

Our pool of agents speak English fluently with a neutral accent that is easy for Americans and other native English speakers to understand. Friendly, helpful and patient in handling calls, we can confidently say that they live up to strict performance metrics and international standards. Moreover, our agents work exclusively on your account that ultimately gives your business operations their undivided attention.

It’s important for a business like yours to answer all customer calls quickly and efficiently — no matter the time of day. When potential customers encounter hold music, a busy signal or even a few too many rings before someone picks up, they are ready to take their business elsewhere. CompuShooter can provide call center solutions and more. Each solution is customized to your unique situation so that you can be there for your customers when they need it. Even a slight delay in response time could mean lost revenue or losing a customer to the competition.


Excellent Performance

Think of Compushooter call center as your company’s front-liner  dedicated call center agent and virtual assistant all rolled into one who is on-call  24 hours a day and 7 days a week for your company.

We are ready to take care of everything for you from answering and making calls, running errands, fixing your schedule to saving you from the hassles of processing recruitment, testing, fast turnover and employee benefits.

We know that being online 24/7 translates to sales for your business; hence, we have top quality equipment which include backup power generators and UPS systems for our servers and desktops that guarantee 100% uptime connectivity to the internet. This way, you are assured that your company is earning and reaping profits even while you sleep!

Trust is a crucial issue in this type of business as we understand that you will want security for your trade. We value the confidence that you give us; thus, we make it our priority to take good care of the sensitive information that is every inch a part of your business.


Reasonable Pricing

By reasonable pricing, we mean that we have no hidden charges. When we sit down, agree on the conditions of the project and seal the deal, the amount that we have settled on is the final and fixed price – no more, no less. You have our word on that!

Whether you are a small start-up business or a multinational level company, it doesn’t matter because we have custom-packaged services designed to suit every project, specification and budget.

CompuShooter has the knowledge and experience necessary to build a proven, results-oriented call center solution for your business.

Call Center Solutions

CompuShooter has a wide variety of call center services for your business or organization, including specialty and customized services that can go far beyond the typical call center and answering service.

You can use our services to extend your reach into new markets and provide customer services to help service and retain your existing customers. We have services for all phases of the business process from telesales to product fulfillment.

+Live Phone and Chat Support

With information on practically anything you have in mind already possible to obtain with just one click of the mouse, your customers also want their concerns regarding your products and services immediately addressed. With our Live and Chat Support, the keyword we live by to giving quality service to your customers is INSTANTANEOUS. Our agents can immediately attend to your customers’ needs as soon as they dial your toll-free number or click your Live Help Support link.

Because of easy accessibility, the queries of your customers are quickly addressed thereby giving positive results in terms of sales and more importantly, in your customers’ satisfaction, trust and loyalty.

Under Live Phone and Chat Support are the following services:

  • Customer Care
  • Technical Support
  • Reservation
  • E-Commerce transactions
  • Retail Order Taking
  • Billing
  • Help Desk
+Email Support

Conventional calling is the best way to provide essential information especially if customers want immediate responses; however, there may need more data such as those that involve instruction-based query resolution or more details of their concerns for future reference.

Our agents can take care of this task through our Email Support System and save you the time from keying down details of such matters yourself. Equipped with fast typing skills, our agents handle Email Support for both inbound and outbound services. Rest assured that they are trained to do follow-up calls with standardized and well-documented information that will surely enhance your customer’s satisfaction.

+Data Entry

It can be time consuming to manage and streamline volumes of office work and with all the matters that your company demands, you may not have the time to attend to this task. While there is the solution of hiring an in-house staff and equip him with costly software to accomplish this task, there is a better way of doing this minus the huge expense.

Getting us to do data entry services is the ideal solution! Apart from cost savings and organization of business records, you will have more time to focus on more important matters of your company like its productivity and revenue. Our highly-trained agents can undertake tasks such as data conversion, indexing and scanning, catalog and directory typing, online form entry and much more.

+Order Entry and Fulfillment

When it comes to Order Entry and Fulfillment, our agents are aware of the importance of speed and accuracy so that your customers can receive what they have ordered in good condition at the soonest possible time. Trained to handle the comprehensive process from recording a customer’s order, sales inquiry to product delivery stage, they can save you significant time and streamline processes.

Our Order Entry and Fulfillment service allows you to focus on the core of your business, helps cut costs as you need not hire additional employees and saves space in your office as you need not buy any additional equipment either. More importantly, it greatly speeds up your workflow and increases accuracy thereby keeping your customers happy.


Small Business  |  Small Office  |  Home Office (SOHO)

When on a budget with a few employees or a growing small business, growing and managing a business is already a challenge. Telephones and administrative tasks are hard to handle when attending to your customers. Imagine – having a virtual secretary working for you, answering calls, entering call details into your system, and other administrative task so you don’t have to.

So whether you are a small business or home office, we understand that you must present yourself professional. CompuShooter is your answer. Your calls are answered by our professionally trained staff, managed according your guidelines, and at an affordable cost. CompuShooter’s virtual assistant service helps you focus on you customers and spend more time running your business.

Virtual Assistant Services

Every CompuShooter live virtual assistant is educated and exclusively trained on your business, your services and all of your specific needs.

Your virtual assistant answers each call with a personalized greeting, screens and transfers all your calls directly to you based on a schedule that you control. The virtual assistant can also schedule your appointments, make outbound calls, answer customer service questions, process orders and handle a wide range of administrative tasks.

This virtual assistant can manage any kind of outside communication more efficiently since each virtual receptionist is trained to handle your business specifically too.

We can handle all your inbound and outbound service needs. Here’s some of the service that we provide.

  • Live Receptionist Services
  • Call Forwarding/ Screening
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Telesales
  • Data Entry
  • List Cleansing
  • Order Processing & Customer Service
  • Outbound Calling (Lead Generation, Appointment Scheduling, Follow up calls, Surveys & Market Research, and Subscription Renewals & Sales)
  • Live Web Chat
  • Online and Inbound Order Taking
  • Product and Service Support
  • Technical Support and Help Desk
  • Conference, Event, and Seminar Registration

Hosted Call Center Solutions

Traditionally businesses that wanted an automated call centers would require the business to make large up-front capital expenditures for on-premise hardware and software. Then go through long and expensive implementation. In addition, these systems were often complex and expensive to maintain.

CompuShooter’s Hosted Call Center Solution is an affordable, proven alternative.

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Call Center Solutions “Bridging the communication gaps between people, business and technology.” It’s important for a business like yours

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We will do a one-on-one consultation with you, as our potential client, to determine the services that you need from us. After which, we will decide which of our custom-packaged services suit your project and budget best.


We then proceed with hiring the agents based on your specifications. Rest assured that our applicants will go through a thorough hiring process to ensure that they are the right people to represent your company. Please note that this will take a duration of two weeks to complete.


After going through weeks of meticulous training, our agents, at this stage, are all set to do their work of committed service and excellent performance for your company; thereby beginning the journey of success, all for the love of your business and more importantly, your customers.

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