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BREAKING NEWS: Petya-esque variant being called Petya/NotPetya infecting computer worldwide

We have recently received news from Malwarebytes that there is a new strain of ransomware that is in circulation. It has been said that is is a Petya-esque variant called Petya/NotPetya and has been spreading fast across the world which had impacted thousands of computers as of June 28, 2017 2:00PM PST.

The new strain is more potent, professionally made and more dangerous than the WannaCrypt0r attack that has affected computer users last month. This Petya-esque ransomware uses the same EternalBlue exploit to target vulnerabilities in Microsoft’s operating system. Main difference is that this new ransomware instructs users to reboot their system and once done, the computer gets locked up completely. One this has happened, the computer is pretty much screwed.

Malwarebytes has announced that their premium version is able to thwart the ransomware with its real-time protection before it can encrypt your system. I repeat, only the premium version can do this and not the free downloadable one.

Although it is able to do the things listed above, it is highly recommended that the necessary Windows Updates be installed on the computers. A few months ago, Microsoft has released a patch for the vulnerability.

Below is the link where the patch can be downloaded.

Please be reminded to be very careful in opening emails.

The ransomware is asking for $300 worth of bitcoins per computer. However, the email they have been using has been closed and paying it would not be an option. As of the moment, it will just result in a returned email and would still not be able to unlock the computers. Along the way, payment options would likely be devised by the attackers with alternative modes of payments… but nothing certain for now.

Nowadays, malware, spyware, adware, ransomware and all other forms of attacks are being developed left and right which tries to scam people of their hard earned money. If you are uncertain if your computer is protected from these threats or wanted your computer cleaned the right way, please feel free to contact us.

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