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BEWARE: Another Verizon scam email

It is not new that scam emails are going all around. There are a few that kept us consumers on our feet. Listed below are the most common:

Online dating scams
Investment Schemes
Marriage Agency scams
Traffic Ticket violation
Fake bills scam
Nigerian Price scams
Lottery scams
Advanced Fees for Guaranteed Loan or Credit Card
Employment Search Scams
Disaster Relief Scams
Travel Scams
“Make Money Fast” Chain Emails
and a whole lot more.

This one falls under the category of a fake bill scam. When you receive emails, you need to carefully look at it. Check the email sender and the links if they point to the correct website. See image below. Although it says Verizon, the rest says otherwise. The link when you point your mouse over, it shows a different link altogether.

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